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Speech Therapy

Everyone is entitled to the liberty of speech and expression.  However, when you or someone you love meets limitations due to speech and/or hearing impairments, such liberty may not be fully taken advantage of.

There is a chance.  There are remedies.  Modern therapy techniques allow for individuals with hearing and speech impairments to receive speech therapy treatment which helps him or her adapt to the world better.

Our speech pathologists at Las Posas Home Health Services offer treatment services to individuals who have conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Cognitive Disabilities, Pronouncing and Articulation Challenges, Dyslexia , Memory Impairment , Swallowing Difficulties, Hearing Impairment, Brain Injury or Spinal Injury, Respiratory Challenges, Speech Disorders, Stammering or Stuttering, Developmental Disabilities, Lisp, Voice Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Autism, Cranial Nerve Damage and Mild Stroke.

During the treatment, we find ways to retain the dignity and integrity of our patients.  We value them for the persons they are regardless their communication deficiencies.